Rosebud Farm Hunting


Congratulations to Greg Shank of Michigan for taking this monster 9 Pointer off one of the Rosebud Farm Hunting Properties. Bill of RBH put another client on a great animal. Once again Congrats to Greg and Congrats to Bill of RBH, well done!

 RoseBud Farm Hunting



Bill at Rosebud Farm Hunting is a seasoned hunter with many years of experience under

his belt and now he brings that experience to others.  Bill has started a small hunting operation.  Rosebud Farms Hunting (RBH) spawned just four years ago and success has

been growing with each year.  In 2007 they were able to connect on a 184 inch 15 point Maryland archery bruiser and the following seasons thereafter have all been met with increasingly successful seasons, producing numerous Pope and Young class bucks for their clients.

Click Below to see some video action at Rosebud Hunting

bills camera 024.JPG Bill understands and preaches QDM (Quality Deer Management) but also understands the importance of youths being successful in their formidable hunting years where early success can pull them into our hunting world and keep them on the right track.  Spending time in the field with family and friends can really be a positive impact on a youngster’s life, especially this day and age.bills camera 054.JPG   If a youngster leaves the field each hunt without getting an opportunity at a whitetail, or passing each deer, forced to wait for a 140-150+ class buck could lead to disappointment.  Bill realizes, trophies are in the eyes of the beholder and sometimes that “Basket Buck” or doe can bring tears of joy to both child and father. Bill has seen it and strives for that kind of reward on each hunt.  Bill encourages the tier effect…Best your Best, if you kill a 6 pointer one year then try for 8 pointer the following year and so on.

   The experiences and the building of positive memories is what hunting is all about…many people have arrowed their biggest deer or bagged their first deer with my help and through hunting I have forged many lifetime friendships….at RBF hunting we understand the importance of being a hunter who is in touch with nature and understands the delicate balance of nature…..Hunting is not the antithesis of nature, it’s the tool to help keep the balance”….BILL

 Each year Rosebud Farms only gets better because of newly obtained properties and thebills camera 005.JPG management efforts implemented on each of the properties.  Each property has shown much promise and success.


Previous client experiences…

“A customer and now friend did not connect with a wall-hanger in his short three day hunt at Rosebud Farms.  The client, Dan Gamelin (Bear Addict) from South Carolina said that he had 40 deer within bow range. He shared with me that, no matter how long you have been deer hunting, from the beginner to the seasoned deer hunter, Rosebud Farm Hunting offers the best trophy potential and quality managed properties that he has seen anywhere in his 25 years of bow hunting. I appreciate him as a customer and now a trusted friend”——Bill

Rosebud Farms is a fair chase environment.  There are no High Fences.  Each property offers its own unique challenge, charm and opportunity at a magnificent animal.  There are no guarantees to the hunts, other than, you will be hunting where there are plenty of deer.  The 2011 Youth Season had a success rate of 75% on bucks for a 1 day hunt.

ONE DAY HUNT (2011 Youth hunt)…75% SUCCESS on BUCKS!  That’s not too shabby, and that’s the real deal.

der 10-5.jpgyouth es 11.jpg

 “Enjoy the many snapshots of the trophies RBF produced in the last four years.  The smiles in the photos speak for themselves!…if you want to trade a hunt let me know… Opportunities are truly endless. Send me a message or leave me a comment if you would like to join us at one of the East Coast’s best kept secrets, come hunt the Sleeper State, Maryland! Home of the Cruchfield buck…Maryland Baby!!!”—Bill

Become his client First and friendship will follow

Call Bill for details and availability at:

 Email me or call 410-533-4893


001.JPG100_0332.JPG100_0336.JPG100_0362.JPG100_0364.JPG100_0368.JPGbills camera 006.JPGbills camera 007.JPGbills camera 014.JPGbills camera 018.JPGbills camera 020.JPGbills camera 024.JPGbills camera 027.JPGbills camera 034.JPGbills camera 045.JPGbills camera 054.JPGbills camera 059.JPGbills camera 068.JPGbills camera 070.JPGbills camera 073.JPGbills camera 080.JPGbills camera 079.JPGbills camera 075.JPGbills camera 087.JPGbills camera 090.JPGdeer 006.JPGdeer 007.JPGdeer pics 001.jpgdeer pics 002.JPGdeer pics 003.JPGdeer pics 026.JPGdeer pics 074.JPGdeer pics 087.JPGdeer pics 104.JPGdeer pics 105.JPGdeer pics 108.JPGdeer pics 181.jpgdeer pics 182.jpgdeer pics 195.jpgdeer pics 205.JPGdeer pics 204.JPGdeer pics 215.JPGdeer pics 213.JPGdeer pics 322.JPGdeer pics 324.JPGdeer pics 328.JPGdeer pics 330.JPGdeer pics 332.JPGdeer pics 337.jpgdeer pics 345.JPGdeer pics 353.JPGdeer pics 349.JPGdeer pics 359.jpgdeer pics 365.JPGdeer pics 368.JPGdeer pics 370.JPGdeer pics 422.jpgdeer pics 421.jpgdeer pics 424.jpgdeer pics 427.jpgdeer pics 429.jpgdeer pics 438.jpgdeer pics 439.jpgdeer pics 433.jpgdeer pics 443.jpgdeer pics 448.jpgdeer pics 460.jpgdeer pics 470.jpgder 10-5.jpgder 10-4.jpgjohn.JPGphoto_3.JPGshore3.jpgshore4.jpgyouth es 11.jpg

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10 Responses to Rosebud Farm Hunting

  1. greg shank says:

    Just got back from maryland hunting Rosebud farms bill put me on a real nice 9 pt Im very happy and and cant wait to hunt again in maryland at rosebud thanks again bill!

  2. outdoorguru says:

    Congrats Greg! that’s a great buck

  3. jvanmeter723 says:

    Looking for property to hunt…..moved to eastern shore two years ago. I lived in cumberland before and since Ive moved I have not been hunting and looking forward to get back into it. I mainly deer hunt, any help is appreciated.

  4. outdoorguru says:

    Might want to post this in the forum, there is more activity there and more people review the forum on a daily basis and make their comments there. Welcome to the site and welcome back to the hunting and fishing world. There are many great public lands on the shore and we (Members) should be able to guide you in the right directions and perhaps someone will have a club opening as well.

  5. Wayne Wright says:

    Hi Bill; Dave and myself want to thank you for an exceptional 5 days,even though we did not connect, your hospitality and knowledge of hunting was awsume. You were always their to help us out when we needed it and went out of your way to get Daves bow fixed,thanks so much,we would like to come back down to hunt during black powder in the near future if thats ok,i will stay in touch Bill,send me some pictures of the ones you get this year if you get a chance. Again thanks so much for all you did,and I would reccomend this place to anyone who likes a challenge when it comes to deer hunting,stay in touch Bill and please forward this to whom ever it should go to,would you please. Wayne & Dave( The New York Boys ).

    • outdoorguru says:

      So Glad you had a great Hunt Wayne. Bill is a heck of guy with some great property…Glad you had such a great experience, they killed some nice bucks opening day as usual.

  6. DA.1 says:

    Need some assistance please. Have tried to get to the Rosebud Farms website via the link above, but I get an error saying “cant display the page”. Does anyone have the correct website/link?

  7. DA.1 says:

    Many Thanks!

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