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    Capt. Dale put his heart and soul into achieving his dreams, but what is extraordinary about his accomplishment, is his gratefulness to all the people around him.  Well Done Capt.—

    THE WORDS OF CAPT. DALE LISI  of the Foolish Pleasure featured on “Wicked Tuna”

    …..   I would really like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years and during the show this year. We are blessed to have the greatest fans in the world, from all the youngsters that drop by the boat to our older fans . The support we received from our local community, newspapers, clubs, marinas, websites, families, friends, wives, fiances and all the people who have followed us and have sent us tons of positive feedback on Facebook and of coarse everyone at NatGeo and the production company, has been incredible and we could not have asked for more . We had a fantastic time being a part of this show and are looking forward to many more seasons. We never thought we would get the gig on the show and then when we did , we hoped and prayed we would get some bites and we did. We went down to the OBX with every last cent we had hoping to catch fish and make enough to stay in the game, if we didn’t do well it would have been all over (living outdoors; all over)- everything i had i had to put up ( We all come from good families but none of us have had a silver spoon growing up or are trust fund people) Well thankfully we hung right in there with the best of them and got it done. I would like to thank my crew (Ed the Beard and Willbilly) for our success , they are the best that there is in the world; the captain made a few wrong turns which kept us from the top spot.I would like to give a special thanks to the guys at Top Dog Services (Todd and Kyle Dickerson) and Craig Mercier of (Merciers Right of Way clearing), who did offer to help out financially if it came to that, fortunately it didn’t but they weren’t joking about the level of support they were committed to providing if need be, also on this short list is Capt. Franky Pettolina , President of the Ocean City Marlin Club who really went above and beyond by holding an open house at the Club for us for the premier and the finale of the show. My full time mate Eddie Braxton , who is not on the show but who keeps us in the money in the tournaments and who has made the reputation the Foolish Pleasures what it is today , without him the boat would not have passed the background check to get on the show. As many of you know the only reason he is not on the show is that he mates on the “That’s Right ” in Islamorada in the winter with Johnny O and I did not want to ruin his winter job having to go through the audition process on a million to one shot. My wife, who although she is married to a trophy husband , does have to put up with a lot. Last but not least my Mom and Dad who, without them none of this would have happened and who have hung in there through thick and thin regardless of how ridiculous things got. I still remember it like yesterday , standing on the sidewalk in front of my house in Hollin Hall VA, telling my Dad , “I’m going to sell my house and buy a charter boat”. His response was, “that is the dumbest thing you could do , you have a great house but go ahead and sell it, anything you tell me isn’t going to make me believe it is a good idea and anything I tell you isn’t going to stop you from doing it “. He is finally not thinking it was a dumb idea but he would never admit that. Its been a long road but it has been a great ride thanks to all of you and hopefully things only get better, I can never thank you all enough, Capt. Dale.”



    very cool, congrats. Great story



    way to go Cap and Gratz. Love the show



    One of my favorite shows by far.  Great Job Captain Dale.  Arrrrrr


    Great job on the show, good luck in the next season , love the show

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