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    Tournament officials for the White Marlin Open have announced there was a potential violation of tournament rules and the first-place prize money was being held pending a determination of the proper recipient. Phil Heasley and the Kallianassa team were in line to win a record $2.8 million for the sole qualifying white marlin of this year’s tournament but in a statement released by officials from the White Marlin Open, the winning white marlin boat would not be awarded the $2.8 million in prize money due to rules violations. A determination will now be made on how to best distribute the winnings per official tournament rules and regulations.
    The statement says, “On August 9, the winning angler in the white marlin category provided catch information for the white marlin, which, as it turned out, would be the sole qualifying white marlin in the tournament. Subsequent investigation as required by the rules and regulations of the White Marlin Open indicated a possible violation of the rules. Accordingly, in an effort to achieve the utmost fairness, the White Marlin Open directors met with independent judges and complete information was provided to the judges for their input with regard to the issue of the potential violation of the rules.”
    The statement continues by saying, “After much discussion, and providing evidence of the possible violation of the tournament rules, the judges agreed that the prize would not be awarded to the boat catching the qualifying white marlin, but would, in accordance with the rules of the tournament, be withheld pending the determination of the proper recipient of the prize money.”

    They dont say why????

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